The Iron & Ice Challenge

Guinness World Record Attempt

Follow the Journey as Jeri Villarreal, attempts to set the record for Fastest Time to Complete an Ironman Triathlon on Seven Continents.


Training for 7 Ironman races that will occur a few weeks apart in different environments present unique challenges. Cold weather training to withstand sub freezing temperatures in Antarctica requires diverse training.


From her first century ride to the first of many Ironman races, follow Jeri through the journey to achieving a world record.


Incredible support from brands will make this world record attempt a success. With a team of knowledgeable experts, this attempt will be done in the safest way possible while bringing visibility to the charity of choice, Right to Play.

  • This attempt will not be possible without generous sponsorship and support.
  • The pandemic greatly affects the logistics and timing of this attempt. All races will occur within a 100 day window.
  • Swimming in sub-freezing temperatures will be necessary for this attempt, therefore Jeri will also attempt to become the first hijab-wearing Iron Ice Woman.
  • A team of experts in the areas of training, travel, ice swimming, Antarctica and cold exposure is being assembled.

Can’t is just a point in time, not a final answer.

Jeri Villarreal


At the successful completion of this attempt, Jeri will hold a Guinness World Record and become an Iron Ice Woman as specified by IISA.

About Jeri

The Chicago Tribune recently dubbed Jeri Villarreal a “Trailblazing Triathlete” in an article about her history-making participation in the Chicago Triathlon.  As a hijab-wearing, age-group triathlon competitor, she loves taking on tough challenges, exceeding expectations and shattering stereotypes.

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