Work From Home Productivity Tips

Work from home requires some planning and rearranging of spaces to create the perfect work from home environment where you can can be productive.

Set Your Goals and Plan for Success

As the new year rolled around this time, like previous years I decided against making resolutions. To me resolutions are no more than hollow declarations of hope for the future. Perhaps a cynical view, however, I rarely see people the following year excitedly mentioning how their resolution came to fruition. On the contrary, I see…

We Are Brave

I recently had a revelation during my daily 4 AM reflection that I shared on Instagram and Facebook. I received so many comments on the posts and privately that the message was I posted was personally powerful to them and came at the perfect time. While the message could be applied to life overall many…

Tips and Tools: Run Safely at Any Time of Day

Trying to squeeze a run into today’s modern and often busy schedule can be difficult, especially if you are limiting yourself to only daylight hours. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your safe.